Preparing your home for sale: renovation as an investment

Lots of people need to sell their home. But how to attract clients? With the help of a restoration service, you can renovate an apartment or a private house with the help of a company, which will take care of providing the client with a designer, choosing materials, and carrying out any bureaucratic practices. The popular turnkey apartment renovation will be the right decision. In this case, all aspects related to the process are approved by the company – the client only has the task of signing up for the service and enjoying the house according to the turnkey formula.

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What does a turnkey renovation include?

The term turnkey renovation means a set of activities aimed at completely updating the current condition of the house and presenting the result to clients after the work is comleted. Today, many companies offer different types of turnkey activities that differ in some details (from work performed exclusively on external parts, to procedures related to a specific room in the house, etc.). Turnkey reconstruction includes various types of services. The main ones are:

  • designing a new home
  • supply of materials;
  • carrying out bureaucratic procedures;
  • demolition and reconstruction of elements;
  • installation of floors;
  • installation of lamps and windows;
  • painting, furniture assembly.

A turnkey restoration can significantly improve the quality of your home before you sell it. Currently, many construction companies offer the opportunity to carry out complete or partial renovations. Some offices allow clients to select finishes and materials, while others provide specific types of products selected by them. But a major renovation of your home will be much more reliable. Typically, restructuring contracts involve the execution of documents related to the activities to be carried out. If there is any doubt about this, it is good to ask for accurate information from the company that will take care of it. It is very important to treat the process of updating your home with maximum responsibility. You should carefully select performers and take an active part in drawing up a plan for the procedure.

Tips for choosing the best turnkey renovation company

If the owner wants to attract clients to sell the house, then it is worth choosing a quality company for renovation. A good building firm must be registered and have a VAT number. This guarantees seriousness, professionalism and reliability, three very important aspects that certainly make it less stressful to undertake a turnkey home renovation.

The fact that the firm presents the client with an easy-to-understand contract with a very good definition of the work is a premium to the cost. A complex and formulated procedure such as a turnkey restructuring should undoubtedly be entrusted to a company that has been operating in this sector for many years. In fact, professionals with years of experience can prepare an adequate plan and deal with any unexpected event in a timely manner. Today, the world of construction is constantly evolving, and new materials and methods are constantly being introduced. A properly prepared company, relevant in all these aspects, is able to cope with both restructuring work using traditional methods and advanced measures.

The most correct option would be to give preference to those services that are known to many people and have a decent client base. This approach will help increase confidence in a quality result. A good office will constantly maintain contact with its customers and provide consultations. It is important to remember that the entire success of the result depends entirely on the quality of the performers’ work. It is because of this that you need to approach this issue with great responsibility.

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How to best handle a turnkey renovation

There are several tips to make preparing your property for sale easier. Turnkey restructuring is worth it: once the client has chosen a reliable and experienced construction company, he will have no worries during the work. Every aspect of the renovation is handled directly by the company and the client does not have to do anything other than approve the project and enjoy their fully renovated home.

The higher the price of the service, the lower the additional costs will be: it is always better to choose high-quality materials. This is no doubt expensive, but such an investment allows you to achieve excellent and long-term results. Well-made insulation, efficient systems and high-performance coatings are synonymous with savings, even on the bill, as they ensure that heat losses are eliminated and energy output is maximized.

Foresight is critical. After all, a turnkey renovation can be the ideal opportunity to transform an old house into a home that allows you to enjoy it even after a long time. New electrical systems can be used. In this case, the savings are doubled: both in the bill and thanks to tax deductions.

Before starting a turnkey renovation, it is important to have a clear idea of what result a person wants to achieve, not forgetting the budget that he has set for himself. You should try not to overestimate the allocated funds, but also calculate in advance the figure for any unforeseen events that can always happen during the course of work. Turnkey renovation will help increase the attractiveness of the house on the sales market. A good and comfortable home always makes clients happier.

What are the stages of a turnkey renovation?

The first step that needs to be taken when it comes to restoration work involves choosing a company to entrust the work to. In addition to reliability, it is worth assessing the intervention methods of professionals, the experience accumulated over the years and any specializations. After this, it is good to check the type of contract offered, turnkey renovation costs, guaranteed time frames and finally look at projects completed in the past.

Next, it is advisable to arrange a fact-finding meeting with the construction manager and professionals so that the representatives can clarify any doubts regarding the restructuring and establish every detail before the project begins. After this, you should agree with the architect on implementation. It is important to inform the craftsman about your requests, the variations one wants to make, and changes in terms of practicality and aesthetics. In fact, the architect uses all these elements to prepare the best plan of action. In addition to the aspects just described, it is good to agree on inspections and repair times.

There are also intermediate stages. They start with a turnkey renovation and consist of an all-inclusive quote and a full-length contract. At this point, we need to sort out the documents. The designer requests the necessary permits from the municipality of residence in order to be able to begin designing the work site. After the deadline has expired, you can begin preparation and then repairs using the turnkey formula. When everything is ready, work begins: demolition, removal of materials, preparation of environments for the installation of new plants, and so on, until finishing is applied. All this is in accordance with the approved reconstruction project. At this stage, the client does not need to worry about anything, precisely thanks to the restructuring formula.

For pre-delivery, that is, the moment the building contractor and architect say the work has finished, a meeting is scheduled at the construction site to review all the activities carried out. At this point, you can request any minor changes and determine whether the turnkey renovation was completed exactly as the customer wanted.

What should you consider when commissioning a turnkey renovation?

The aspects to consider with a turnkey home renovation clause are numerous. The first step (perhaps the most important) is to check the reliability of the company where the client plans to entrust the work on a turnkey basis. Another element that needs to be assessed very carefully concerns any subcontracting. In these cases, it is advisable to check them – they should be clear and accurate. They should indicate the type of subcontracted work, the relevant elements of calculation and the deadline for completing the project.

For a turnkey renovation that fully meets the needs, it is good to review the design completed by the architect and discuss with this professional figure any changes that need to be made. In addition to the above, it is important to check the quality of the materials used in the renovation and make sure that they are certified and work well. Finally, for a turnkey restoration, it is always advisable to request a contract, also called a package. This is an ideal type of document for construction activities precisely because it provides for the calculation of costs between the basis and non-standard costs. If we talk about the estimate, the cost of the main service will increase if repair work increases. But you can always find out the exact price from the manager and determine the budget during a preliminary consultation.

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