Great ideas for placing washing machine in studio apartment

Open layouts with minimum partitions and walls are the trend of our time. Whether you live in a large country cottage or a small studio apartment, an open floor plan is the perfect way to organize your interior. However, when renovating your home, various questions can arise. One of them is where should a washing machine be placed in a compact studio apartment. You would agree, life without a washing machine is impossible, so this type of household appliance must be in any home.

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Where to put a washing machine in a compact studio: ideas for impeccable design

Despite the predominance of open floor plans, there are areas that cannot be made open. For example, this is a bathroom. In small studios, it can be a combined toilet and bathroom. Here the washing machine can be installed, adhering to the following recommendations:

1. Under the bathroom sink

The simplest, most obvious and common option. Convenient in that the space under the sink is usually occupied by a cabinet that stores a variety of accessories. Instead, you can install a front-loading washing machine. Simple, rational and tasteful.

2. Next to a washbasin or bathtub

Today, top-loading washing machines are in great demand among buyers. Installing them under the sink will not work. The ideal location is next to a bathtub or washbasin. The advantage of this option is that you do not have to pull the hoses to collect and drain water over a long distance. When the washing machine is not in use, its surface can be used to store bath accessories.


3. Home laundry

A good solution that requires additional investment. Home laundry is a column with washing machines installed one above the other. One of them can support the laundry drying function. For this purpose, it is worth allocating a separate space in the interior of the studio with the help of a moisture-resistant drywall partition. It is also necessary to ensure good floor waterproofing at the installation site.

4. Bar counter in the kitchen

The bar counter has become one of the recognizable attributes of open-plan apartments. It separates the kitchen and eating area from other parts of your home. If we are talking about a compact apartment, where every square centimeter is worth its weight in gold, you can mount a washing machine, a refrigerator for drinks, a microwave oven and other types of household appliances in the bar counter. As a result, you get a multifunctional and modern bar counter.


5. Wardrobe or dressing room

Another rational solution is to hide the washing machine from prying eyes. A wardrobe or dressing room is perfect for this purpose. This option is also convenient because you can allocate space in the closet for dirty laundry, which will immediately go to the wash.

We have listed five of the most obvious and common options for installing a washing machine in the interior of a compact apartment. In fact, if you turn to a professional designer, he will offer several hundred ways how and where to put a washer in your home.

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