How much does it cost to renovate one-bedroom apartment in 2024?

Renovations may be needed for various reasons – when moving to a new apartment or simply to update the interior of a living space. Often, owners try to make it on their own, studying new trends, materials, and technologies. But turnkey renovations are still more popular, allowing you to get ready-made apartments following personal wishes and budget. A qualified construction team completes it quickly, accurately and on time. How much will renovations cost if you do it yourself or hire craftsmen? Many people are interested in this question.


The cost of renovating one-room apartment on your own

Calculating a budget is as simple as it may seem. If you refuse the services of specialists, you will have to take into account many components:

  • total area of the room;
  • individual surfaces: walls, floors, ceilings;
  • quantity of materials;
  • consumables and tools;
  • transportation and loading and unloading.

The average one-room apartment has an area of about 40 sqm. The price for a renovation depends on what exactly you are planning to do: a major transformation or a light cosmetic update. At the same time, in addition to funds for building materials, take into account the purchase of missing tools that you will need once and will then gather dust in the pantry. Without experience, there may be additional costs for damaged tiles, laminate or mortar that could not be properly processed immediately.


Why is it more profitable to hire professionals?

Most homeowners prefer to turn to professionals instead of wasting their own time and energy. If you order apartment renovation services, you can choose a contractor based on rating, read the portfolio and reviews. A qualified team provides comprehensive solutions, which may include:

  • design development;
  • budgeting;
  • procurement and transportation of materials;
  • cleaning the premises after renovation.

At the same time, the cost of repair depends on a number of factors:

  • project complexity;
  • prices of materials;
  • urgency of work;
  • apartment area.

Removal of construction waste, cleaning and other additional services are discussed at the conclusion of the transaction. To insure yourself against unscrupulous workers, you should enter into an agreement and carefully read the terms and conditions. People hired off the street will not be able to provide any guarantees or correct any defects.

Cost of renovation: do it yourself or hire a team?

Each case is individual. If you have the necessary tools, experience, knowledge, a lot of time and desire to create on your own, then this is the best option from an economic and practical point of view. For those who have never encountered such tasks, it is worth turning to the experts, since the purchase of tools, loss of time, and damage to materials will cost much more financially and emotionally.

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