Summer Refreshers: 5 Decor Ideas For Warm Weather

Summer is around the corner, and it is time for the holiday season. With the ongoing pandemic, do you think you will be able to go for a vacation? Most probably not! But don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Why not create that summer holiday vibe at your home? How about decorating your home for a feel of a staycation? Of course! You can do it. No more going to beaches or mountains or jungles! You can get all of these at your home sweet home. If you are trying to find ways to make the season better at home, this article will help you set your home for the upcoming season.

Decor ideas that can make your summer sizzle

Are you worried about summers? It must have got you excited for the vacation part. But have you thought about the heat? Going out in the scorching heat is quite a task. While all this is happening, your house can be your only saviour. Therefore, prepping your house for summer is a good deal! Just a few changes to your décor can make it perfect for the seasonal sanctuary.

1. Bright whites

 In science class, you must have studied that dark colours penetrate a lot of heat. You can apply this to your home decor as well. Using darker shades like black and navy blue can make your house warmer. Instead, using white can be remarkable. It will keep your room cool and breezy and exude an illusion of spaciousness too! It need not necessarily be plain white. You can incorporate florals, textures, and patterns to enhance the look. White exposed brick is also in trend. The royal white will never make you disappointed!

2. Calming blue

Blue is known for its effect of calm and serenity. To simply understand why — answer this question. Why do you like to go to the beach? The sea and the blue sky are like therapy for you. Having lighter shades of blue is a summer classic! Complement it with an all-white setting or pale distressed wood to get a fantastic effect!

3.  Lemon twist 

Which drink is more famous for summers? We all love lemonade. Using citrus fruits gives a refreshing feel to both us and the walls. You can always embrace them in your space can provide a welcoming, warm weather effect. How about wallpaper or paintings featuring fruits in the kitchen or dining areas? Bright orange, yellow, and green for summer can be a game-changer.

4.  Trendy tropical 

Leafy green elements are always stunning, especially in summers. It gives a feel of resting under the tree shed. Installing wallpaper that is lush with greens can make your home look attractive. How can you do that? Create an urban jungle by opting for jungle themed wallpaper from Ever wallpaper. Buy some of your favorite wallpaper from them to create a striking look in your space. Their speedy delivery across the UK makes them remarkable. Jungle wallpaper will lead to no hassle tropical vibes right in the middle of your home. Or how about having a vertical garden? The decision is yours now! But wallpaper would be more worry-free and versatile, let us tell you. And you can always welcome some indoor plants.

5.  Pretty pastels

Exploring baby pink, mint, purples and many more in this range will create a lovey-dovey vibe in your home. This idea is not only limited to walls. You can do this by swapping upholstery and lights. How about buying pastel curtains and bedsheets? Create a theme with cool contemporary colors so that your house also stays calm and cool.

Which of these summer ideas will you be trying? While reading this, several ideas must have also hit your head. How about starting with beautiful wallpapers to simply transform the space at a flick of fingers? The best part about it is that you can have a new wallpaper every summer. These ideas will surely spruce and set up your summer house. Trust us; it will indeed look beautiful.

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