Tumble dryer in interior: advantages and installation features

When installing a dryer, safety is important, which is ensured by a normal microclimate and correct installation. Which systems the equipment will have to be connected to depends on its type. For example, a heat pump dryer needs a connection to the drain. Of course, it also needs electricity to work. It is not necessary to output a separate line from the distribution box; power from an outlet is quite acceptable.

The location for the dryer should be selected based on aesthetics and ease of access. It is worth making sure that nothing interferes with the free opening of the dryer door. Otherwise, it will quickly lose its presentable appearance due to constant impacts on nearby objects.

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There should be enough space in front to accommodate the user and a basin with freshly washed laundry. True, if the dryer is located next to the washing machine, things can be transferred directly from one drum to another.

Installation options

The most aesthetic installation option is in a separate laundry room. Since it is designed for caring for cloths (washing, ironing, drying, refreshing), the dryer will fit perfectly into the interior. The main thing is to choose the color of the machine correctly. White or silver – in a room decorated in light shades, black – in dark ones.

You can install a dryer in the bathroom in several ways:

  1. In line with the washing machine. The heights of the machines should match.
  2. Under the countertop. If the height of the sink allows.
  3. In the column. Place it on top of the washing machine using a mounting kit that will prevent it from falling during the spin cycle.

The simplest option is the first, and the most successful from an aesthetic point of view is the last.

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It is allowed to install drying equipment in the kitchen; you can allocate a niche for it, as well as for other large items: a washing machine, a dishwasher. If the area of the room is too small, it is better not to take risks. When there is a shortage of space, it is difficult to maintain the normal distance between the dryer and heating appliances.

If the apartment is small, it is advisable to take the machine to a heated balcony with good thermal insulation and protection from wind and moisture.

Benefits of using a dryer

The main advantage is saving space. The dryer, although bulky, overloads the space much less than a folding metal rack for freshly washed clothes.

Also on the list of advantages:

  • Ideal order and absence of visual noise in the room. Clothes go directly from the dryer to the closet, rather than being hung throughout the home.
  • High drying speed. Even with a large percentage of residual moisture, the dryer copes in the shortest possible time.
  • Convenience. Just press a few buttons to start the process.
photo: humphrey munson

The machine “relieves” household chores. If you consider that hanging laundry takes about 15 minutes, on average, 2 times a week, you can save 2 hours in a month. This is a full-fledged trip to a cafe or a movie show. And if you consider that many models are smoothed, the benefits become more obvious.

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