Aerated Concrete in Construction: Pros and Cons

Aerated concrete is a relatively new material that has already been appreciated by many builders. It is suitable for the construction of low-rise buildings and allows you to implement a variety of design and architectural ideas. If you need to buy high-quality building materials, you should carefully check the manufacturer, who adheres to technological processes and uses certified raw materials. Blocks are produced not only by large companies, but also by small factories, supplying the market with a large selection of aerated concrete products.

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Advantages of aerated concrete blocks

Aerated concrete was first manufactured and put into mass production in 1929 by Ytong. Today it is becoming increasingly popular in our country. There are many reasons and advantages for this:

  • Light weight – simplifies transportation and requires less physical effort for construction.
  • Heat and sound insulation – due to its porous structure, aerated concrete retains heat well and at the same time absorbs sounds well.
  • Environmentally friendly – made from cement, sand, foam generator and some additives, does not contain toxic substances.
  • Durability – the blocks are highly resistant to adverse external factors and are not subject to corrosion or rotting.

Universal aerated concrete blocks are used in various branches of construction. They are suitable for the construction of residential and commercial buildings and partitions. It is easy to process, drill, saw, without the use of specialized powerful equipment.

How to use aerated concrete correctly: construction features

To take full advantage of aerated concrete, it is important to adhere to technological requirements and follow certain rules. Among them:

  • Thorough preparation and cleaning of the surface for the blocks so that there is no dust, debris, or dirt.
  • Arrangement of waterproofing to prevent moisture from entering the blocks from the outside, construction in dry weather.
  • Proper storage requires a clean, dry room with minimal humidity.
  • You can cut the material with a hand saw or an electric saw for aerated concrete, not forgetting about personal protective equipment.

Before starting construction, you should read the manufacturer’s recommendations and strictly adhere to safety rules.

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What you need to know about the disadvantages of aerated concrete

Despite many advantages, aerated concrete, like any other building materials, has some disadvantages that need to be taken into account, including:

  • moisture absorption – the block is prone to absorb moisture, so you need to take care of waterproofing;
  • mechanical resistance – unlike some other materials, aerated concrete is designed for low load-bearing resistance;
  • fire safety – when exposed to high temperatures, deformation and release of toxic substances are possible;
  • variety of shapes and sizes – not as wide a choice as brick or concrete counterparts.

It is also worth considering the cost, which may be higher depending on the region and the current state of the market. Most of the shortcomings can be easily eliminated by following the technical process and proper planning.

Examples of successful use of aerated concrete in construction

Increasingly, construction companies and private developers prefer aerated concrete blocks. He successfully implements projects such as:

  • construction of private houses and cottages;
  • installation of interior partitions;
  • as a heat and sound insulator for brick and reinforced concrete walls;
  • for the construction of gazebos, fences, reinforced belts around the perimeter of walls for their durability and strength.

With proper planning, the blocks can also be used for the construction of warehouses and commercial buildings.

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