Two apartments in Copenhagen were combined to create dream kitchen

When Camilla found out that a neighbor was selling his living space, she was in seventh heaven with happiness, because she had long dreamed of combining two neighboring apartments and making a large common space. To bring the idea to life, Camilla had to draw more than 50 different floor plans and go through a long stage of approvals, but the effort was worth it. Now the hostess with her boyfriend and dog live in the apartment with an area of ​​150 sqm. First, Camilla designed a spacious kitchen-dining room with a beautiful green IKEA kitchen. The idea of ​​color has found its embodiment in the luscious lemon living room, and bright textiles and posters helped to maintain this mood throughout the apartment. Great story about a dream come true!

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About Author:
Maria is the lead author at She finished faculty of journalism and art school, works in the field of PR and has a special passion for cozy interiors. Warm and soulful interiors where the life is felt are really close to her.
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Comments: 4
  1. Александр

    Ну, это конечно верх архитектуры и дизайна – открытые трубы стояка в зоне кухни. Можно было их зашить хотя бы в короб из гипсокартона или например из МДФ под дерево в цвет нижним шкафчикам ( конструкция была бы разборная на случай необходимости доступа к трубам стояка). Ох уж, эти шведы, как «отмочат» что-нибудь эдакое :)

  2. Александр

    Ой, как мило, там ещё и электрический щиток с автоматами «притаился» среди постеров. Ну это просто шедеврально :)

  3. Александр

    Пардон. Уточнение – не шведы, а ох, уж эти датчане!

  4. DeLaRue

    I believe Camilla (the owner) likes her new apartment and her chosen furniture and her artwork. But can all this combined called as superb design? I doubt…

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