Reasons Why Regular Pool Maintenance is Essential

Regular pool maintenance is essential for pool owners for many reasons. Read below to discover all the ways in which it makes a difference. 


Making sure that your pool is clean and well-maintained means that it is as safe as it can be. Pools that are neglected or left unmonitored could have underlying issues that could harm the people who swim in them.

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Some of these issues include dirty water that could hold diseases, chemical imbalances that can cause burns on people’s skin, and damaged pool edges or tiles that can cut people. Leaving a pool uncleaned for an extended period of time can also be a safety risk to swimmers because of the debris that falls into a pool. Small rocks, insects, and even glass can fall in without the knowledge of the pool owner if they do not drain the pool often enough to clear all of it out. All of these problems can be avoided with regular draining and inspection. 

Water Quality

If you own a pool, the water in the pool should be consistently checked for quality. If you have a busy life and cannot always do the job yourself, buying a pool cleaner will ensure that the quality of your pool water stays high and regulated. Efficient pool cleaners can be set to timers and just thrown into a pool and left for hours. The newest pool-cleaning technology comes in the form of robots that can vacuum up debris, climb and scrub the walls of any pool, and work quickly with smart navigation technology. 

Good pool cleaners will also filter the water to make sure that it is clean and safe to swim in. No matter how many cleanings the water gets, though, it is still good to fully drain and refill your pool with new water every spring, especially if you live somewhere that experiences all four seasons. As the pool water sits through the winter, it may freeze over, become home to burrowing rodents that seek shelter under the pool cover, and will just get generally grimy. Many people with seasonal pools choose to drain them as winter approaches and fill them back up after a good spring cleaning to make sure that they have good-quality water for the summer to come. 

If you live somewhere that stays consistently warm all year, you can keep the water in your pool for up to five to seven years. This is, of course, dependent on how well the pool is maintained throughout the year.  

Lifespan of the Pool

Keeping a well-maintained pool is essential for its longevity. Consistent cleaning and scrubbing will postpone the need to do things like re-grouting tiles, filling in cracks, and repainting. This can be achieved by doing regular cleanings, whether that is by using a pool cleaning machine or hiring a company to come and clean every few weeks. The lifespan of your pool also depends on chemical balancing. If the chemicals in your pool are too harsh, they can cause erosion and lead to the deterioration of your pool. 

Another thing to look out for when conducting pool maintenance is the state of the equipment that keeps the pool regulated. This means switching out filters, cleaning out pumps, and monitoring the functionality of heaters and chillers. Many pools also have extra features like waterfalls and lighting that need to be maintained. Waterfall features need proper generators to pump the water up and over the side of the pool, so keeping an eye on those mechanisms can help you keep them in good shape for many years. 

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Pool lights, especially the glass or plastic coverings can get cloudy or murky looking after being exposed to sunlight and pool chemicals for an extended period of time. To keep your pool looking good for longer, it is important to check and clean these features as soon as you see any changes.   

The area surrounding the pool is also important when it comes to the lifespan of the pool. If your swimming area is surrounded by decking, grass, or tile, those areas need regular maintenance as well, especially if they are being splashed with chemically treated water. The upkeep of the perimeter of a pool is almost as important as the pool itself when it comes to lifespan.

Prevents Damage

Regular pool inspection will help you identify small cracks, leaks, or malfunctioning pool equipment before the problem worsens. This can save you from having catastrophic damage that may require you to completely remodel your pool. 

Different actions you can take to prevent damage are to put sealant on tile every year so that water does not seep through small cracks, cover your pool when it is not being used, and lubricate engine parts related to pool pumps, heaters, and coolers. These steps can help keep things moving smoothly and they take a lot less time than a big reconstruction project. 

Long-Term Cost Efficiency

Although owning a pool is not the most economical hobby, it is still important to try to keep costs as low as possible once you do have a pool installed. Regular maintenance costs some money, but in the long run, the money it takes to conduct the upkeep of a pool is much less than the cost of having to make major repairs due to neglect. 


Having a pool in your yard is a point of pride for many people, so keeping it maintained is very important. The way your pool looks depends heavily on regular maintenance. Scrubbing grime off of the edges and tile grout keeps the pool looking clean and prevents the water from getting gross. Throwing a pool cleaner in there after every use will also keep it looking sparkly clean and appealing to guests. Nobody wants to jump in a pool that is growing moss and is full of debris. 

Maintaining the surrounding area is also important for the aesthetic look of your pool area. If the pool looks pristine but is in a yard full of weeds and unclean concrete or tile paths, the whole look of the space looks half-baked. 

Pool ownership comes with a lot of responsibility, but it is also a feature of the home that is fun and exciting. Remember that maintaining your pool is the only way that it can stay fun for you in the long run.

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