What house to buy? 12 architect tips to choose better

Buying a house involves a considerable investment, and it is therefore very important to take into account all possible conditions. Although many may depend on common sense or the subjective taste of the buyer, there are others that only the trained eye is accustomed to observing.

For most of us, the acquisition of a property is a circumstance that is going to happen very few times in life. Taking into account that this often involves the commitment of a mortgage, it is crucial to be sure that we are making the right decision since once we have closed the transaction, subsequent surprises can be very expensive.

The first things that will determine our choice do not need professional advice: the situation of the house, its price, the style, the amount of natural light, etc. But once we have found a place that meets our preferences, it is worth considering some details that may not be so obvious.

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These are some of the things that a professional in the sector would look for when making a decision:

  • Unalterable issues: The first thing you should pay attention to is all those factors that you will not be able to change, even with comprehensive reform. Even if this were the case, there are modifications so costly that they may be economically unfeasible.
  • General condition: The second issue to take into account when purchasing a home is the general condition of the construction. This depends on many aspects such as its age, the quality of the materials at the time of construction, or possible damage caused by previous tenants.
  • Legal issues: It is necessary to remember that when you buy a house you are assuming a series of legal commitments. This is especially true in the case of a flat, since, in addition to the house, some are also acquiring a percentage of the building in which it is located, with all the costs that this entails.
  • Works: The most normal thing is that we buy a house already thinking about changing some things. The most common reforms usually occur in kitchens and bathrooms, and it is convenient to take into account the extra cost that the expenses of the work will imply.

Although most of these tips have been written with the purchase of a second-hand home in mind, many are also useful in the case of new construction and even an off-plan purchase. If some of the questions raised in the article seem too technical to you, be sure to consider the possibility of hiring an architect to properly advise you on your decision.

Where is it? Location is Everything:

The location of your house is a crucial aspect, for several reasons. The first of these is the amount of light that enters. A well-lit home is synonymous with energy savings and quality of life. This depends on several factors, such as the orientation of the facades, the width of the street, and the size of the openings. However, be careful with the orientations to the south without solar protection: too hot in summer implies a greater expense to thermal comfort systems.

In the case of a story, the relative height is also important; It is not in vain that attics are the most sought-after floors. High floors offer better views, less noise impact from the street, and, in the case of an attic, fewer surfaces in contact with neighbors and even the possibility of access to the terrace.

Finally, the situation of the property in the urban context is another factor to take into account: the proximity to public transport networks, the existence of shops or nearby facilities, the slope of the streets, or the tranquility and general atmosphere of the neighborhood. These are issues that also affect the quality of life of the inhabitant. The property should be situated in a prime location as the Park view city. The location of BWC is highly accessible.

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How does it relate to the outside? The importance of a suitable facade

The composition of the facade of a house, in addition to its aesthetic component, determines such important aspects as thermal, acoustic, and lighting comfort. It should be noted that the facades of a property are often strongly conditioned by municipal regulations, so the owner’s ability to modify the facades is usually quite limited.

A large glazed surface suggests the possibility of better views and more light, but the quality of the glazing must be monitored to avoid heat loss or condensation, and the presence of solar protection elements (such as blinds, curtains, shutters, etc. ) is always recommended. etc.) to protect the home from excessive radiation or the intrusion of unwanted glances.

Another key factor that has to do with the layout of the facades is the possibility of cross ventilation, which allows an efficient renewal of the interior air and is linked to the health of the user. In this sense, the ideal situation is that of intern housing, that is, that the house has two parallel facades facing each other on both sides of the plot.

Where are you going to park? Good places do not abound

It is not surprising that the existence of parking spaces directly affects the quality, and the price, of a house. This is especially true in urban centers, where the scarcity of places turns them into prized goods.

Even when this is the case, accessibility to the space in question must be taken into account, especially depending on the size of your vehicle. In the case of a collective car park under a group of multi-family buildings, be sure to pay attention to the distance from the square to the vertical communication core that connects directly with your flat.


Although it is still a novel system and in the process of being implemented, market trends suggest that it is already desirable for the car park to have power networks for electric cars; although this is not a strictly unalterable issue.

If the property does not have its own parking space, it is highly advisable to study the abundance and average rental price of spaces in the area, which can end up increasing the cost of living and, therefore, the price relative to the housing.

Do you have good accessibility? General comfort and compliance with regulations

Accessibility conditions have special weight in the case of raised floors, and in this situation the presence of an elevator is key. Even when there is one, it is important to verify that it starts from the ground floor, since in certain cases you have to climb flights of stairs before accessing it. Other factors to take into account are the ramps to bridge important differences in level or the condition and width of the general stairs.

Although compliance with accessibility regulations is often associated with situations of disability, it should not be forgotten that anyone can break a leg or be in a situation of temporary disability, such as pregnancy or illness. In any case, accessible housing is usually synonymous with greater comfort.

What is the condition of carpentry? Alert with energy losses

Of all the items to watch out for, carpentry is possibly the most important. Poor quality or poorly maintained carpentry can be the cause of all kinds of pathologies or damage, such as water and humidity leaks, temperature losses, or acoustic problems, among others.

When checking that the carpentry is in good condition, you should look at its mechanical tightness (it opens and closes without great effort), the condition of its silicones and its degree of glazing (ideally, double and with an air chamber), and its practicable condition (that all the windows can be cleaned from inside the house).

Are the facilities up to date? Some clues to prove it

The state of the facilities is another important factor and, in this case, special attention must be paid to their age, since old facilities often cause problems, either because they have been built under insufficient regulations or due to deterioration itself caused by time.

If we can see exposed cables or pipes (surface installation), we are usually dealing with poor-quality construction. In the case of electrical installation, the presence of few switches in the general panel should make us suspect a cheap installation. And do not forget to check the materials of the water pipes, which are sometimes lead or iron, which is not only undesirable but can also be toxic.

Is the structure still in good condition? Indications of possible deterioration

The good condition of the structure is essential for the durability of construction. Although verifying this is difficult without carrying out a proper tasting, there are some indicators that are obvious to the naked eye: the aluminous concrete has a much darker coloration than usual, and the small holes with traces of sawdust in the wooden beams are an unequivocal symptom of the presence of termites.

Another drawback of incorrectly designed structures is excessive acoustic transmission: you will soon see if you can hear the footsteps of the neighbors upstairs or the television downstairs. You can also check the density and composition of the party walls with a few simple taps on your knuckles.

Is there a risk of humidity? Beware of low and attic

The presence of humidity inside a home is a source of discomfort for the inhabitant, both for thermal comfort and for general health. The problem is that they are very difficult to treat, and they are not always apparent. The greater the contact of the skin of the building with the outside, the greater the risk of humidity: especially critical are the cases of ground floors and attics.

Be aware of the appearance of stains at the base of the walls, in contact with the roof, or bathrooms without natural ventilation.

Have you already passed the ITE? Watch out for old buildings

The Technical Inspection of the Building is a periodic inspection that any building over fifty years old must pass, to verify that it meets all the safety requirements.

If the house of your dreams is more than half a century old, it is very important that you check that the last ITE has passed, or at least that it is in the pipeline. Otherwise, you could find yourself with an unexpected and expensive bill if the inspection determines that major renovations are necessary.

What are the Maintenance Costs? these are the most Common

If you are thinking of buying a flat, it is advisable that you look at the general costs, in addition to the price. The most common are maintenance, conservation, and repair costs, but there may also be municipal costs such as garbage collection fees or fords. It also has the Real Estate Tax (IBI). To get a quick idea of ​​the amount of these costs, just ask the president of the community.

Are there Urban Effects? Ask at City Hall

Although it is not a common case, it never hurts to be informed about the possible affectation of urban plans on our future homes. This can have all kinds of consequences, from the appearance of a park in the vicinity of the property to the possibility of demolition within a certain period. Many times the seller is not even aware of it, so it is preferable to inquire directly at the Town Hall. Also, be sure to check these rental apartment near Hampton.

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Do you Plan to Make Reforms? Evaluate it in Advance

Although the distribution of a house seems to present maximum flexibility, there is a hidden conditioning factor that ends up determining the position of the pieces: the location of the downspouts on the floor. If you are thinking of moving the kitchen or bathroom, make sure they are not too far from the downspouts. An excessive distance from the extraction and sanitation ducts can lead to a loss of effectiveness or the need for supplementation with expensive and noisy machinery.


Speaking of how delicate the decision to buy a home is, and the number of factors involved, all the advice in this article can be summed up in one: hire an experienced advisor. In addition to the comfort of delegating all the management of the process, having the experience and habit of a seasoned professional will allow you to assess issues that perhaps you had not even considered.

The cost of an architect or surveyor who advises you properly is negligible compared to the purchase price, while the benefits of having made the right decision are priceless in the long run. If you are looking for an advisor, simply contact Sky Marketing for updates and information.

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