Top trends in modern furniture made of wood

Wooden furniture in a modern interior – how relevant is it?

This question is asked by all those who have decided to renovate their home. And in such a way that it is not only comfortable, but also looks stylish, original, and modern. This is especially important for people who keep up with the times, are practical, and lead an active lifestyle. In other words, for all of us. And if you are reading this article, then you have already thought about how relevant wooden furniture can be. Moreover, given the variety of materials that are used today to make furniture, there is plenty to choose from.

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But let’s not forget that there are also timeless classics. In this case it is wood. A material that is as popular today as it was 100, 300, or even 1,000 years ago. And it will undoubtedly give a head start to inexpensive, but already tired of many chipboards, or even more so plastic. And they also say that everything modern and chic is well forgotten old.

Basic interior styles that cannot be imagined without wooden furniture

There are cases when you can do without some element. But, if we are talking about interior design, then in this case there are several trendy styles that require wooden furniture, which you can buy in the online store directly from the manufacturer. Namely:

• Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style interior and wooden furniture are two integral concepts. Scandinavian design implies comfort, minimalism, and closeness to nature. Therefore, you simply cannot do without natural materials here. Therefore, solid wood beds with low backs or laconic and compact kitchen tables are exactly what you need!

• Dutch

In many ways, this style is similar to the previous one. However, in addition to decorative items hinting at a marine theme, there is another important feature – glazed display cases for dishes. Or a wooden rack. It is this furniture that will help you get the desired result and achieve maximum authenticity.

• Loft

This is exactly the case when modern trends and classics are ideally combined. Moreover, they complement each other perfectly. And chipboard certainly has no place here. But here are comfortable and laconic solid wood beds, bedside tables, consoles, etc. – just what you need!

west elm

Materials and techniques

Wood is a versatile material that requires many processing techniques. For example, if we are talking about Provence style, then in this case you can even use inexpensive pine, which is covered with several layers of paint and then stylized as antique.

But, we are modern people, and more and more of us give preference to the interior designs that we talked about above. Accordingly, an appropriate approach and “correct” wooden furniture are needed here. Therefore, in production we use elite types of wood – ash, oak, or beech grown in the Carpathians. As well as rustic technology, which assumes the “undisguised” structure of the tree. For this reason, we do not use paints, but transparent varnishes of the highest quality. The presence of knots, chips, and cracks is also acceptable. Accordingly, such wooden furniture will look as natural and natural as possible. Isn’t this what you wanted?

Design tips

Almost all designers, including those who have been working with us for a long time, keep up with the times. Therefore, they are increasingly using wooden furniture in their work. Accordingly, they know how it can be used advantageously from both an aesthetic and practical point of view, and are ready to give you some useful recommendations.

• Scandinavian style is all about light colors. But in a Dutch or loft style, darker shades will be more relevant. For example, “Eben”.

• If we are talking about a small room, for example, a bedroom, then solid wood beds and bedside tables should be as low as possible. And if this is an office, then it’s worth buying a low wooden shelving unit. Better, it will be wider, for example, 200 cm, not 100 cm. Its capacity will double, but at the same time, it will not overload the space.

• Don’t be afraid to combine wooden furniture with any other. Moreover, sometimes in this way you can create not just a unique interior, but even a new style. And also, keep in mind that at, you can buy it not only as a bedroom set or office set, but also separately. And also, make wooden furniture according to your individual sizes.

Are you looking for cool trends for the interior? In this case, all roads lead to Woodwerk.

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Anna Pufik is the founder and creative mind at blog. Anna specializes in interior design, together with her husband Sergiy they head the PH Studio design firm. She loves Scandinavian style and sophisticated timeless interiors. Follow Anna on Instagram.
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