Sophisticated interiors and rich history: boutique hotel La Divine Comedie in Avignon (France)

In the 14th century, this residence in Avignon was the home of Cardinal Amede de Salus, one of the Pope’s close associates. Today this magnificent building is the boutique hotel La Divine Comedie. Of course, a lot has changed here for more than 600 years, the palace was demolished and rebuilt, actively remodeled and changed its appearance. Since the 1980s, it first housed a language school, and then the headquarters of the radio station. In 2010, the current owners of the hotel bought the building and spent 7 long years creating this beauty. Now the hotel is a mix of styles and objects that were collected bit by bit in different parts of France. A soul is put into the interiors, and it can be seen even from photographs. The hotel’s garden is a special pride for the owners and a delight for guests, here you can hide from the heat or lie down by the pool surrounded by palm trees and cypresses. La Divine Comedie is the perfect combination of sophistication and uniqueness!

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Maria is the lead author at She finished faculty of journalism and art school, works in the field of PR and has a special passion for cozy interiors. Warm and soulful interiors where the life is felt are really close to her.
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Comments: 6
  1. Оксана

    Такая роскошь и гармония ! Коту тоже очень комфортно в этом бутик-отеле.

  2. Мария

    Поистине божественно!

  3. Инга

    Изящество, стиль и истинный аристократизм. Браво авторам!

  4. Анна

    Только лошадь вверху лестницы немного пугает))

  5. Larisa

    Обожаю отели в таком стиле! Жить постоянно в такой обстановке вряд ли смогла бы ), а пару-тройку суток – с удовольствием! Но лошадь на лестнице они поставили зря ))).

  6. Галина

    Упорядоченность быта создает гармонию во всем. Жаль, что это бывает не достижимо простому обывателю.

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